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HyaFlex™ testimonials for dogs

I was contacted a little over a month ago by a man about HyaFlex™. I run a Lab rescue and Club here in Utah, and I was sent 3 samples. I kept one for a rescued Lab I have that has joint issues, gave one to my sister-in-law who has a senior Collie with the same concerns, and one to a friend at a shelter who has a Mastiff also with joint issues. All three dogs have improved significantly, especially my Lab. He is now able to run and play like my younger boy who is not afflicted. I will be advertising your product to all my club members, adopters, and friends! Thank you so much!!!

Barbi Carrol
Labrador Retrieve Club and Rescue of Utah

We tried the products on 12 dogs that varied in size from 10 to 86 pounds. 4 out of 12 dogs showed dramatic levels of jumping ability; 2 out of 12 showed moderate levels of activity after receiving HyaFlex™.

Based on this limited study, I would conclude that in my professional opinion, HyaFlex is a product that I would recommend to my clients for use in their pets. In fact, I’m afraid to take my own dogs off HyaFlex™!

William C. Jones D.V.M

My buddy, Snickers, is 14 years old, and he was starting to have some trouble jumping in the car to go for a run, and getting up on the couch for a good petting. I have been using Hyaflex on his food daily for four years and I believe this has helped him a lot these last few years. Thanks, HyaFlex™, for putting the spring back in Snicker’s step. His coat seems glossier, too.

Chuck Shelton

I was recently approached by a company called HyaFlex™ to test about their product for older dogs. The compound has hyaluronic acid, the fluid that is in the joints of animals. I asked him to send me some samples to try on two old dogs, on 11 and the other almost 12. The 11 year I had concerns about. The 12 year old was not as serious, but still doing pretty well.

I have to say, I am truly impressed with this product. The 11 year old, after a week, was "sneaking" around the kennel at night to investigate - he was not crated as he could not get in and out of one. The 12 year old has turned into a puppy - to the point that she has become a bit obnoxious - running and barking at the other dogs. Needless to say, I will be placing an order for more of this product today.

No, I don't sell it, it is the first thing I have found to really help the oldies. Our almost 12 year old is none other than the #2 highest living ROM Bitch, Silverhill's Sumthin Special, OFA, ROM. I hope it keeps her active the rest of her life.


My dog Toby will be 14 years old this summer. We never thought he'd make it through this last year. I started HyaFlex™ as recommended by our vet. After a month he was doing so much better walking and now is much more alert and enjoying life again. We had used Flex|Free and Cosequin before but nothing has helped like HyaFlex™. Thank you for this product!

R. Jones